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Samson Michael Michael Samson Librarian III 1311 Arthur Neef Law Library Calendar icon Calendar VCard icon VCard LAW (313) 577-6184 work (313) 577-6173 fax

Coordinates electronic resources, electronic update and awareness services and the computer lab. Participates in reference, research support, instruction, collection development, emerging technologies and other library services.

Provides the following services

  • Collection Development: assisted by
  • Computer Lab
  • Electronic Resources & Services
  • Faculty Liaison: assisted by
  • Government Documents
  • New Book and Journal Requests: assisted by
  • Reference Coordinator: assisted by
  • Research Support Coordinator: assisted by

Arthur Neef Law Library
474 Ferry Mall
Detroit, MI USA 48202
(313) 577-3925 / 5498 - fax