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Special Law Collections

Eugene Driker Antitrust Law Collection

The Eugene Driker Antitrust Law Collection was developed as a result of Mr. Driker’s family’s desire to commemorate his birthday in 1977. Mr. Driker is a 1961 graduate of the law school. The collection consists of over 140 titles on trade regulation and antitrust. Additions have been made through the years. A comprehensive list of the titles in the collection is available online.

U.S. Government Documents Collection

The Law Library has been a congressionally designated depository since 1971 selecting approximately 5-6% of the documents offered with a preference for those in electronic format. The year 1971 does not effectively represent the depth of the collection however. Since the early 1980s the Law Library has been accepting, housing and promoting collections weeded from the Purdy/Kresge Library. The Law Library’s collection emphasizes federal executive, legislative and administrative publications. The depository collection contains an almost complete collection of superseded editions of the Code of Federal Regulations and has a nearly complete print copy of the U.S. Serial Set. The print collection has been enhanced with microfiche collections such as the CIS Complete Collection, U.S. Congress House and Senate Hearings, U.S. Congress Senate Executive Documents and Reports, and U.S. Congress House and Senate Committee Prints.

The collection is arranged according to the Superintendent of Documents (SUDocs) number. Most documents are searchable in the library catalog by title, subject, keyword or SUDocs number. Many documents can circulate outside the building on a 28 day loan.

Alwyn V. Freeman International Law Collection

In 1968 the Law Library received a major donation—the book and journal collection of Dr. Alwyn V. Freeman. Dr. Freeman (1910-1983) was an international law scholar whose particular interest was in the field of human rights. The collection consists of about 10,000 treatises, monographs, serials and journals in the areas of international business, international affairs, human rights and international organizations documents. The heart of the law library’s international law collection consists of the Freeman collection. Dr. Freeman continued to make major donations to this collection until his death. The law library continues to expand upon the core collection, collecting mainly English language materials, but including French, Spanish and other languages if requested by faculty. The collection is gift plated and is arranged in call number order within the treatises collection. Historical materials are also available on LLMC microfiche. A comprehensive list of the titles in the collection is available online.

Jewish Law Collection

Through the interest, efforts and donations of former Dean John C. Roberts, Professor Shlomo Sperka, Eugene Driker, and the Honorable Avern Cohn, the Law Library has expanded its Jewish Law collection since 1986. This collection contains over 100 titles, many of which are serials, on Jewish law. The collection is of importance to the faculty and students of the University, and the Jewish legal community. A comprehensive list of the titles in the collection is available online.

Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC)

In 1976 the law libraries of the University of Hawaii and Wayne State University founded LLMC, a non-profit consortium funded by seed money raised from foundations and individuals primarily in Detroit and Honolulu. LLMC was formed for the purpose of filming important legal materials from around the world in order to preserve them and make them available to law libraries. Since 1976 it has expanded from 35 charter members to over 900 libraries in 22 countries. The collection includes such treasures as the following special collections: Canon Law; Civil Law; Native American Legal Materials; U.S. Military Law: History and Development; and the Yale Law Library Blackstone Collection. Each of the titles in the special collections is cataloged and appears in the library's online catalog. Representative activity of LLMC includes:

  • Films 3,300 volumes per year
  • Filmed 80,000 volumes to date
  • Filmed 6,340 titles to date
  • Produced 14,100,000 microfiche to date
  • In 2003 LLMC launched LLMC Digital, an exciting product that delivers digital images of the titles filmed beginning with the U.S. Government publications.

Rare Book Collection

As a result of the renovation of the Law Library in 2000, the Law Library is now able to house rare books in The Rare Book Room on the Second Level. The rare book collection of 124 titles and 329 volumes consists of such titles as:

  • American State Papers
  • American State Trials
  • Journal of the Constitutional Convention (Michigan, 1835, 1850, 1908, 1961-62)
  • Official Record of the Michigan Constitutional Convention
  • Blackstone’s Commentaries
  • Trials of War Criminals

The Rare Book Room is used for faculty research and for special events by permission of the Director. Consult the use and retrieval procedures for more information.

Edward M. Wise Collection

In 2000 the law library acquired the personal collection of law professor Edward M. Wise. As a result of the his untimely death and the wishes of his wife, Professor Sandra VanBurkleo, and his sons, researchers will be able to benefit from his personal and scholarly interests in such areas as international law, international criminal law and procedure, and Jewish law. The processing of the collection of over 1,400 titles is underway. The entire collection is housed in the Law Library's Rare Book Room. Access is obtained by contacting a reference librarian. A comprehensive list of the titles in the collection is available online.

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