Arthur Neef Law Library

Law Library Instructional Services

The Arthur Neef Law Library can provide classes, workshops and resources designed to assist faculty and students in navigating the legal research process.

Some of the services available include –

  • Legal Writing and Research (LWR) assignment related training
  • BrownBag Sessions
    Request a BrownBag session if you are curious about a legal resource, want ideas for a research strategy or seminar paper. (Requires a minimum of 5 attendees)
  • One-on-One consultations
    Students and faculty can schedule appointments with a reference librarian for assistance with their research efforts
  • CoursePages
    Webpage with pathfinder information developed to support your course content
  • Lectures/Handouts
    Reference librarians are available to speak to a class and/or provide handouts on subject specific print and electronic legal resources.

To arrange an instructional session or any of the above listed services please contact Michael Samson, 313.577.6184.

Legal Resource Tutorials

The Legal Writing and Research Online Tutorials are the result of collaboration between the Arthur Neef Law Library and the Law School Legal Writing and Research (LWR) Program.  Each tutorial is designed to supplement LWR course instruction by simulating a one-on-one introduction to legal research materials. 

The tutorials will also assist other WSU students engaged in classes in other disciplines that have legal components to acquire a basic understanding of the process of legal research.

  • Finding:
    • Federal Case Law
      • Explains the role of federal case law in the judicial process.  Explores the steps involved in locating federal case law using the digest system. 
    • Michigan Law
      • Explains the role of state statutes in the judicial process.  Explores the steps involved in locating the full text of a statute and relevant case law.
    • Online Resources
      • Explains the availability and means of accessing judicial and legislative resources.  Coverage also includes secondary resources and foreign and international law.
  • Using:
    • Secondary Resources
      • Explains the role of secondary resources in the research process. Explores the steps involved in using secondary resources to locate analysis and commentary of primary law.

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