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Art Images for College Teaching (AICT) is dedicated to the principle of free exchange of image resources for and among members of the educational community.

Changing Face of the Auto Industry

An IMLS funded demonstration project for the Making of Modern Michigan, showcasing digitized images of photographs, pamphlets, and other materials held in the Detroit Public Library's National Automotive History Collection.

Building the Detroit Renaissance Center

A visual documentary of the creation of the Detroit Renaissance Center, one of the largest buildings in the world .

Digital Dress: 200 Years of Urban Style

The collection includes examples of occupational, formal, recreational, mourning, masquerade, and everyday wear for men, women, and children. Pieces by European and American designers, local dressmakers and retailers, and home made garments are included.

Detroit Historical Museums Historic Costume Collection
Dorothea June Grossbart Historic Costume Collection
The Henry Ford Historic Costume Collection
Meadow Brook Hall Historic Costume Collection

Herman Miller Furniture Consortium

Herman Miller, Inc., based in Zeeland, Michigan, began in 1923 as a manufacturer of residential furniture. Many famous designers, from Charles and Ray Eames to George Nelson, have created furniture for the company--this collection of Herman Miller product literature held by members of the Herman Miller Consortium illustrates the innovative design over the years.

Dr. Adrian Kantrowitz: Heart Transplant Images

The first U.S. heart transplant took place on December 6, 1967 at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., just three days after Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the world's first transplant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Virtual Motor City

The digitized images in the project represent a small subset of the Detroit News Collection, one of the premier photojournalistic resources freely available from a national-level newspaper and held at the Walter P. Reuther Library.

Detroit News Newsreels

As a part of the Virtual Motor City project a number of 1920's Detroit News Newsreels have been digitized. We currently have 460 videos available for browsing and searching.

WSU Marketing & Publications Photography Collection

The Marketing Photo Library includes general university images and is not intended to replace the need to contract with the photography unit to shoot images at specific events, programs and activities.

WPA Music Manuscripts

During the Great Depression, the WPA employed men and women to copy music for WPA orchestras, bands, and choruses to perform. WPA Music Manuscripts is a collection of these detailed and ornate hand-copied music manuscripts produced in Michigan between 1935-1943.

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American Federation of Teachers Historical Collection

A continually growing collection of archival documents from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Historical Collection at Walter P. Reuther Library. Documents cover education reforms in the areas of Career Development, Wages, Management and Decision Making advanced by AFT groups across the United States from 1980 to the present.

Chapbooks Project

The Chapbooks project is a collaborative literacy initiative for Detroit-area students, providing Detroit-area students with an opportunity to create and digitize their own written and artistic works.

Letters of Florence Nightingale

Locally created collection of letters written by noted writer and nurse, Florence Nightingale. Letters range in date from 1854 to 1892, covering her career after the Crimean War.

Michigan County Histories and Atlases

Hosted by University of Michigan, this collection is projected to provide access to 192 histories dating from 1866 to 1926 as a resource for historical and genealogical research. The collection is a collaborative effort of Michigan's Council of Library Directors, composed of the directors and a number of institutions across Michigan.

Writing the River (Under Development)

A Collection of Detroit/Windsor Writers and poets and their works published in alternative presses from 1960 to Present. Digital collection is currently undergoing migration to DLXS, if you need access to this collection, please contact

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Visual Resources Collection (Luna)

Powered by Luna, these 5 collections are available only to WSU students, faculty, and staff. Combined there are over 100,000 images relevant to the study of art, architecture, history, literature, anthropology, science, and more. Create presentations and slideshows for classroom use or placing into Blackboard or your own webpages, incorporate images from Flickr, and many other features. Learn more about using Luna with WSU Visual Resources...

The AMICA Library

The AMICA Library contains over 114,000 works of art from the collections of contributing museums worldwide. Cultures and time periods range from contemporary art, Native American and Inuit art, to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian works, along with Japanese and Chinese works. Types of works include paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photographs, as well as textiles, costumes, jewelry, decorative art, and books and manuscripts.

Art Images for College Teaching (AICT)

Art Images for College Teaching (AICT) is dedicated to the principle of free exchange of image resources for and among members of the educational community. Now you can incoporate this collection into your Visual Resource presentations and media groups. All images were photographed by Allan T. Kohl.

WSU General Collection

Collection of over 5,000 images licensed from Scholars Resource by the Library System. Images in this collection are most useful when incorporated with classroom instruction and student study. Additions to this collection are made frequently.

WSU Faculty Contributions

This collection represents visual resources donated by faculty, primarily from the Art and Art History Department. Due to varying copyright restrictions, these resources are intended for classroom and research use only.

WSU Art + Art History Collection

Over the last four years, the Art and Art History Department has been working hard to digitize its massive slide library. This collection is the result of their efforts, with additions made to the collection frequently as new items are scanned and processed based on faculty needs. For the first time, the Art and Art History Department has graciously allowed this collection to be available campus-wide.

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