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The Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE)

Sandbox Project
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The Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE) is a research and development project aimed at fostering greater use of Digital Collections@WSU. The DLDE is a website ( providing tools to intergrate images into classroom instruction and instructional guides to the Virtual Motor City, Digital Dress, and other collections. Portfolios of images and their metadata can be downloaded into templates for creating digital learning objects for presentations and research papers, and a teaching and learning arhive provides links to local and national resources.

The DLDE is supported by a Digital Humanities II Start-Up Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

For further information, read the White Paper.

DLDE Project Team

  • Principal Investigator - Nardina Mein, Ph.D.
  • Co-Principal Investigator - Julie Thompson Klein, Ph.D.
  • Project Manager - Jon McGlone
  • Instructional Designer - Anne Marie Armstrong, Ph.D.
  • Web Librarian - Joshua Neds-Fox
  • Metadata Librarian - Adrienne Aluzzo
  • Web Developer - Matt Decker
    Student Assistants
  • Project Architect - Safwan Al-Omari
  • Web Content & Instruction - Sherry Tuffin
  • Web Designer & Developer - Fady Banno
  • Web Developer - Sahana Bangalore Nagaraja

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