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Writing the River Project
Timeline: June 2002-April 2003*

1. June 2002 - Selection and Copyright Tasks - Bradd Burningham will contact partners and see if they will be able to commit to helping us with any portion of the content or technical development. He will provide them with a copyright form if they are able to do some selection and obtain some copyright permissions from authors. Bradd and Diane Sybeldon will begin some selection of items and copyright work on their own.

2. July 2002 through October 2002 - Selection of items and securing of copyright permissions will continue by Bradd and Diane, and will finish until end of October. Metadata scheme and database development will happen during this period. Decisions about digitizing technology/methods will also be made at this time.Work on Website will begin, and development of other types of content for site (bibliographies, study guides, etc.) will be assigned to volunteers.

3. October 2002 through November 2002 - Digitizing of selected pieces (approx. 50 works or so, with up to 1000-1500 pages, depending upon cost per page) will occur in October and November. At the same time, metadata development will begin and continue throughout the period. Metadata input into database will be handled by a student working 20 hours x 8 weeks. Work on development of Web site will continue, along with development of other types of content.

4. December 2002 through March 2003 - Metadata development and encoding of text in TEI Lite will be completed during this period. Loading, configuration, and indexing of text and page images using DLXS and XPAT software will occur during this period. The interface will be customized for the project and tested.

5. April 2003 – Users’ guides will be developed. Public relations efforts will begin by early October and final grant report will be written. Efforts to obtain additional funding to sustain the project and develop it further will begun.

*Grant period extended to end of April 2003, from original date of October 2002.

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