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Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program

To promote and facilitate scholarly research and communication among U.S. and Canadian faculty researchers, a large number of university research libraries in the U.S. and Canada (most of the members of the Association of Research Libraries and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries) have collaborated to establish a program allowing in-person borrowing privileges for faculty at all participating institutions. This program allows faculty members of participating institutions both borrowing privileges and on-site access to the collections of some of the most important research libraries in North America.

Privileges vary from institution to institution. WSU Faculty members intending to visit a participating library should ascertain the limitations and relevant policies and practices of the prospective lending library before arriving. Ask at an Access Services desk, or Reference desk in any of the WSU University Libraries for pertinent phone numbers of the participating library. Follow the link above to determine if the library you are interested in visiting is a current member.

Request an "Academic Research Libraries in OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program" card at any of the Access Services Desks in any of the University Libraries. Upon verification that you are a current full time faculty member in good standing with the, you will be presented with this card that entitles you to access collections across North America.

To borrow materials, the visiting faculty member must present the Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program card and any other identification the lending library requires at the main campus library of any participating institution.

Faculty are responsible for:

  • Observing the regulations of the lending institution;
  • Returning materials, in person or by mail, within the loan period prescribed by the lending library;
  • Returning materials immediately, in person or by express mail, if recalled by the lending library;
  • Pay any and all fines or other charges incurred due to late return of materials or damage to materials.

Note: This card is generally not required for faculty requiring borrowing privileges at other Michigan academic libraries, including MSU and UM.

Note: Faculty may also request a letter of introduction from the WSU Libraries, which can be useful when visiting foreign research libraries, as well as the libraries participating in the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program. Contact any of WSU Libraries’ Directors or the Library Dean’s Office.

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