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General Purpose Classrooms and Lecture Halls

Each general-purpose classroom is equipped with a computer, computer projector, overhead transparency projector, and VCR/DVD player. 

Although we are striving to implement uniform technology in the classrooms, there are currently five types of media carts in the general-purpose classrooms. 

To maximize your classroom technology experience, all instructors are highly encouraged to attend a brief hardware training session, for each type of cart that you are teaching with.

For more information about a classroom, click on a room below.

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Room # Hidden Room # Building Room Type Net Echo W/B A/V Seats Locked
110 110 Kresge Lecture Hall Yes Yes 1 W Yes 130 UnLocked
201 201 Kresge Classroom Yes No 3 B Yes 40 Locked
202 202 Kresge Classroom Yes No 2 W Yes 35 Locked

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