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Human Genetics Resources

S.A.G.E. Statistical Analysis software | Marshfield Center for Medical Genetics | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory | HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee | SNP data from Berkeley Program in Cardiovascular Genomics | Innate Immunity in Heart, Lung, and Blood Disease (containing tools for genetic analyses) | SeattleSNPs | OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) | eGenome

Sequence Similarity Searching Tools

BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) | BCM Search Launcher | ClustalW

DNA and Protein Analysis Tools

EBI | EXPASY | FlyBase | OWL | Swiss-Prot

Molecular Biology & Genetics Resources

Entrez Cross-Database Searching (NCBI) | National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) | Computational Molecular Biology (NIH)
Entrez: Nucleotide (Genbank) | Structure | Genome
Genome Biology Hubs: RefSeq | LocusLink | UniGene
GeneTests | TRANSFAC

WSU Resources

Bioinformatics Facility (Containing Genomatix tools) | Bioinformatics Center | Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics | Michigan Life Sciences Corridor | Michigan Proteome Consortium | Shiffman Medical Library | AGTC - Shiffman Bioinformatics Workstation

Other Resource Collections

Genomics Glossaries & Taxonomies | Molecular Biologist Toolkit (U of Washington) | Molecular Biology Resources (Eskind Library, Vanderbilt University)

Online Tutorials

NLM: Introduction to Molecular Biology Information Resources | PubMed Tutorial | PubMed Tour
NCBI: BLAST | BLink | Education | Entrez | Getting Started | NCBI Handbook | PSI-BLAST | Query | Structure | Using the dbSNP FTP site | User Manuals for ExPASy Resources

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