Shiffman Medical Library

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Shiffman Learning Resource Centers: Applebaum Pharmacy

The University Libraries provide both open, and restricted access computing areas for the entire campus community. These areas include more than 800 computers with a variety of applications in support of student learning. The Undergraduate Library includes an extended hours study center.

Open computing areas

Realtime Computer Availability | Extended Study Center

Building Location Seating Capacity
Purdy Reference Area 56
Purdy Second Floor 18
Shiffman Medical Library CATs 5
Shiffman Medical Library Lab 10
UGL Extended Study (Graphics) 4
UGL Extended Study (Macs) 32
UGL Extended Study Area 123
UGL Reference Area 16
UGL Second Floor 128
UGL Third Floor 40

Instructional Labs

Lab policies | Special Software Requests

Building Location Seating Capacity
Neef Law Library Law Lab 17
Purdy OTL Training Lab 7
Purdy TRC Instructional Computing Lab 25
UGL Lab A 29
UGL Lab B 29
UGL Lab C 32

Visiting Researcher Terminals


Building Location Seating Capacity
Purdy Visiting Researcher Terminals 2

Adaptive Technology Workstations


Building Location Seating Capacity
Neef Law Library First Floor 1
Purdy First Floor 1
Shiffman Medical Library First Floor 1
UGL Extended Study Area 1

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