A Community Service of Shiffman Medical Library

Wayne State University Shiffman Medical Library Community Health Information Services (CHIS) empowers patrons through health information, education, and resource awareness.


CHIS provides the following health information services:

  • Learning Opportunities: CHIS offers several different ways for the community and students to learn more about accessing health information and related research skills.
  • Personalized health information packets.
  • Reference/Research Services.
  • Access to the library's community designated computers.
  • Building use of the library's Community Health Information Services Collection.

Health Information On the Internet

The Internet has proven to be a resourceful information medium if used wisely. However, almost anyone can post information on the Internet. Therefore, be very careful of the information you may find on the Internet. It is advisable to use resources from reputable sources such as government agencies, accredited educational institutions, well established profit and non-profit organizations and agencies, and personal authors with identifiable credentials. The Community Health Information Services can help you find quality health information.

Quality of Healthcare

The Quality of Health Care website is a special collaborative project between Wayne State University College of Nursing and Vera P. Shiffman Medical Library. These resources provide useful information on understanding quality heatlh care, evaluating health care services, and making informed health decisions.