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Preparation for the 2007 NCA Accreditation Visit

The Steering Committee

Member Department
Paula Wood College of Education
Sandra Yee University Libraries
Provost Liaison
Hilary Ratner Provost's Office/Graduate School
Kathy Beard Provost's Office
Fran Ahern Facilities Planning and Management
Nancy Barrett Provost's Office
John Camp Computing and Information Technology
Christy Chow College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Jan Collins-Eaglin Counseling Services, ASC and EAS
Ahmad Ezzeddine School of Business Administration
Charles Elder College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Linda Falkewicz Student Affairs
Sharon Field College of Education
Gail Fahoome College of Education
Joan Gossman Purchasing
Victor Green Governmental and Community Affairs
David Grignon School of Medicine
Michele Grimm College of Engineering
James Hartway College of Fine Arts
Gloria Heppner Research
Jerry Herron Honors Program
JoAnne Holbert College of Education
Loraleigh Keashly College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts
Li Way Lee College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Bernice Lopata Development and Alumni Affairs
John McGinnity College of Pharmacy & Allied Health
Nardina Mein University Libraries
Paul Moniodis Institutional Research
David Moran Law School
James Moseley College of Education
Julie O'Connor Research
Charles Parrish College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Randolph Paschke School of Business
Kelli Pugh Study Abroad
Padmaja Rao Placement Services
Mary Cay Sengstock College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Howard Shapiro Provost's Office
David Strauss Dean of Students' Office
Janice Utz Library and Information Science Program
Thomas Wilhelm Academic Affairs
Seymour Wolfson College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Cheryl Yurkovich Public Relations
Susan Zwieg Admission, Undergraduate & Financial Aid

Steering Committee Minutes