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Preparation for the 2007 NCA Accreditation Visit

Colleges and Universities - Interesting Websites/Old Criteria

The websites listed are the accreditation sites for colleges and universities that have recently been through the accreditation process. These schools followed the old criteria, not the same criteria Wayne State is using. However, many of the criteria are similar and much of the information and website and self-study ideas are valuable.

Site Comments
Estrella Mountain Community College  
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis  
Bowling Green State University  
New Mexico State at Alamogordo  
University of Akron  
University of North Dakota  
Ball State University  
Central Missouri State University  
Colorado State University  
Northwestern Oklahoma State University  
Oklahoma Wesleyan University  
Saginaw Valley State University  
University of Nebraska at Kearney  
University of Northern Colorado