Brace Lederle K-8

  • Ms. Andrea Hamlar
    • Brace Lederle K-8 School Principal
  • Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson
    • Superintendent of Southfield Public Schools
  • Mrs. Sheronne Jackson
    • 8th grade Language Arts Teacher
    • and the Brace-Lederle Language Arts Teachers
  • Brace-Lederle K-8 School student participants
  • Antoinette Durden
    • School Library Media Specialist and Project Leader
  • Suzanne Crimmins
    • Art Coordinator and Cover Design

Murray Wright High School

  • Mr. Grady Jones
    • Murray-Wright High School Principal
  • Ernastine Carroll
    • Murray Wright High School Media Specialist
  • Murray Wright English Teachers
  • Murray Wright student participants

Wayne State University

  • Sandra Yee
    • WSULS Dean
  • Lothar Spang
    • WSULS Public Services Librarian
  • Adrienne Aluzzo
    • WSULS Public Services Librarian
  • Deborah Tucker
    • WSULS Multicultural Librarian
  • Joshua Neds-Fox
    • WSULS Web Librarian, Site Design
  • Matthew Martin
    • (former) WSULS Digital Projects Librarian
  • Shawn McCann
    • (former) WSULS Digital Librarian
  • Heather Murray
    • (former) WSULS Special Projects Librarian
  • Andrea Williams
    • Graphic Designer (Murray Wright)
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