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Jacob Lawrence and The Legend of John Brown

Installation photos

We hope these photos will help guide you as you install the display. Read the captions for tips and how-tos.

****Be sure to fill out a DISPLAY CONDITION REPORT as you unpack and repack the display, and note any scratches, nicks, or other damage. ****

  1. carrying crateCarrying the crates takes two or three people. The heavier of the two crates is the flat panel display.You can also transport the crates on furniture or other dollies.
  2. attached ropes Ropes are attached to the crates for carrying.
  3. wooden skidsWooden skids are attached for moving crates along floors if needed.
  4. furniture dolliesFurniture dollies can make crates easier to move.
  5. phillips screw drill bitA No. 2 Phillips head drill bit is needed to open the crates. There are few screws and unpacking should be very easy.
  6. suction toolPanels fit crates tightly. If you don’t have small fingers, Use the SUCTION TOOL to remove them easily. Simply press down on the suction cup and lift. You don’t have to press too hard!
  7. unpacking legsFrame legs are easy to remove from the crate. (Be sure to save the foam packing for re-crating later.)
  8. pre-assembledThe ten panels are pre-assembled into five back-to-back panels. All you have to do is attach the legs. It’s easier to assemble them using two people. You may need to tip and lift the panels a bit to match the holes in the frame legs to the sides of the panels.
  9. attaching legsNote that frame legs attach to the outside of the panels.
  10. ready display Voila! The display is ready for viewing.
  11. floor arrangementYou can modify the display’s floor arrangement.
  12. repackingWhen re-packing the display the panels will sink down easily into the crate – you’ll hear a whoosh! Be sure to include the foam packing sheets between panels.
  13. take careWhen re-packing be careful not to scratch frame legs.
  14. matching piecesNotice that crate tops and bottoms match at sprayed (black and white) areas. Re-screw the tops on and off they go to their next destination!
  15. crew We hope you enjoy the display! And thanks to the crew pictured here – the guys from Lavanway Signs for image color matching, panel printing, frame and crate design and construction, and Nikki Elert, IMLS graduate student, for all of her work on this display.)

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