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Jacob Lawrence and The Legend of John Brown

!!There is no fee for the display!!


  • Hosting organizations are responsible for transporting the display to and from Wayne State University Libraries. A two-week period is allowed on each side of the scheduled exhibit dates for shipping/pick-up and return.
  • There is no exhibit fee, however you will pay shipping costs if you use a commercial transportation service.
  • There are two shipping crates totaling approximately 525 lbs. (see installation photos)
  • Crate sizes are: 42.25” x 75.5” x 14” and 28.5” x 63” x 25”
  • The recipient is responsible for repacking the display properly into the shipping crate.
  • o Hosting organizations are responsible for filling out TWO display condition reports, one upon unpacking and another upon re-packing the display. They will be provided to you and should be faxed to Diane Sybeldon.


  • Insurance required: $11,000
  • Wall-to-wall insurance coverage is required. This includes coverage during shipping times if you are using your own transportation, as well as during assembly and during the exhibition period.
  • Please forward a certificate of insurance to Diane Sybeldon three weeks before the display opens.

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