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Frequently Asked Questions About The Journal Review

  1. Why are journals being reviewed?
    This review is one of several/many on-going initiatives of the Libraries’/Library System efforts to align our resources with the teaching, research and curriculum needs of our users. With journal costs increasing between 8%-12% per year, and the majority of the Libraries’ acquisitions budget devoted to supporting journal subscriptions, it is imperative we work to maximize the value of resources as the costs of journal subscriptions threaten to outpace library acquisitions budgets.
  2. How will the Libraries conduct the journal review?
    Each college and department has a Library Liaison who will coordinate the Journals Review for the departments, programs and colleges they support. In consultation with the faculty, we will align our subscrip- tions with our users’ needs.
  3. As a faculty member how can I contribute to the review process?
    The Library Liaisons are seeking input from all faculty. Each department on campus has a member who serves as a contact for the Library Liaisons. This person serves as the primary conduit for all information and communication related to the Journal Review. Please feel free to contact your Library Liaison in order to discuss the review.
  4. How do I know what journals support my department?
    A list of titles chosen by your Library Liaison to encompass/support the department’s teaching, curriculum and research subjects/areas is currently being developed for your review. Additional titles could be added to the initial list as discussion between the Liaison and the faculty progress.
  5. How will the libraries determine the amount that each department will cut? Are cuts imminent?
    There is no threshold of cuts. We anticipate some subscriptions will be cancelled based on low use or lack of relevancy to the University’s program. Equally important journal subscriptions could be initiated based on gaps identified through the review. Decisions will be based on the discussion and rankings developed between the departments and their Library Liaisons.
  6. Why aren’t we putting the full journal list up on the Library’s website?
    Confidentiality agreements with the publishers do not allow us to supply all journal information in a public place. Please contact your Library Liaison for additional information.
  7. What about resources that serve more than one discipline or department? How will they be reviewed/cut?
    Before any final decisions are made, faculty from all departments will have an opportunity to review the entire list of proposed changes. Work with your department contact to be sure your needs have been voiced. The team within the Library System tasked with balancing user needs and the Library acquisitions budget will arbitrate differences of opinion.
  8. What is the time frame for all of this?
    Library Liaisons will begin the Review by contacting your department during January 2010. The review will be concluded before the beginning of the Spring semester 2010.

  9. If journal subscription changes are made, when will they take effect?
    Changes to journal subscriptions will take effect in calendar year 2011.
  10. How do I get a copy of my article if we cancel the journal subscription?
    The Library offers several methods to help you get the articles you need: Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan (PDF iconPDF 38KB), full-text databases, Citation Linker.
  11. Whom do I contact for more information?
    Contact the Library Liaison for your area.

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