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Journal Review

  1. Goals
    • Review and align current serial and standing order subscriptions to support the teaching and research missions of Wayne State University1
    • Develop procedures for future serial and standing order subscription review and alignment
  2. Outcomes
    • A serials and standing orders collection that reflects the research and teaching needs of Wayne State University for fiscal year 2011
    • A process that assures that serial and standing-order funds are allotted equitably and spent well
    • A process recognized by stakeholders as collaborative and responsive to their input and interests
    • Procedures for a serial and standing order review and alignment based on:
      1. Current electronic and print serials environment
      2. Publisher pricing models
      3. All available data
      4. Input from stakeholders on their research and teaching needs and their valuation of publications.
    • Recommendations for ongoing and future serials review and alignment
  3. Implementation
    1. Establish the factors/criteria to compare and rank resources
      1. Selection of factors/criteria to be informed by available data and analysis of professional journal literature
      2. Establish data farm to assist stakeholders
    2. Identify and collect clear and coherent information on:
      1. WSU departmental and faculty resource needs
      2. Serial price increases and inflation over multiple years
      3. Resource Usage (electronic and print) from:
        1. Use statistics from vendors, including Scholarly Stats
        2. Interlibrary Loan – campus document delivery
        3. Interlibrary Loan – borrowing and lending requests
        4. ArticleReach
        5. Print usage at the Purdy/Kresge and Science and Engineering Libraries
      4. WSU Faculty and Researcher publishing patterns and citation data
      5. Resource access options including ownership, interlibrary loan, pay-per-view, open access, aggregator and consortia agreements
    3. Analyze data
      1. Rank resources to reflect impact in supporting teaching and research. This ranking will take into consideration:
        1. The values of titles as disciplinary resources
        2. The values of titles as interdisciplinary resources
      2. Evaluate “Big Deals” and packages for cost effectiveness
    4. Collaborate with stakeholders to identify strengths, gaps and unnecessary resources in the serials and standing orders collection
    5. Implement the results of serials review and alignment:
      1. Identify subscriptions that should be cancelled
      2. Recommend new resources for reallocated funding
      3. Recommend which current “Big Deals” and packages should be continued
      4. Recommend equitable reallocation of serial and standing order funding across all disciplines
    6. Evaluate the serials review and alignment process and results
      1. Document process of collecting and interpreting data so comparable data can be collected in subsequent years
      2. Recommend serials review procedures to be standardized and followed in subsequent reviews

1Henceforth the “serials and standing order subscription review and alignment” will be referred to simply the “serials review and alignment” or as the “serials review.”

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