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Several reports from those involved in the publishing industry can be useful when evaluating the current and future prices of journals and serials.

  • In October, 2009, the International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers released, The STM Report: An Overview of Scientific and Scholarly Journal Publishing, the reportprovides a comprehensive picture of the trends and currents in scholarly communication.”
  • A report from National Humanities Alliance finds that the average cost per page of a sample of eight humanities and social sciences journals is $526, almost twice the costs for science and technology journals. The analysis of the eight journals was conducted to help disciplinary associations get a better understanding of the economics of their publishing ventures, at a time of increasing pressure to embrace the open access movement, in which research is available online and free. The Future of Scholarly Journals Publishing Among Social Science and Humanities Associations Report on a study funded by a Planning Grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, February, 2009
  • An article on the American Historical Association site provides analysis of the report, Is there a Future for Journals in Humanities comments “If journals are to continue to serve an effective role in elevating and disseminating the highest quality scholarship in their fields while also taking full advantage of the new technologies of the internet, we need to be thinking about tomorrow.”
  • EBSCO Information Services, provides two guides for “budgeting tools” to academic information professionals, 2010 Serial Price Projections and Five Year Journal Price History 2005 – 2009;
  • ARL Statistics 2005-2006 provide an excellent snapshot of increasing costs of resources for ARL libraries, click here to view Graph 2 and Table 2: Monographic and Serial Expenditures in ARL Libraries, 1986-2006*

Articles of interest include:

Rajendiran,P, Pattnaik, JK. (2009) A Study of the Trends of Selected Science and Technology Journals’ Price Escalation and Cost-effectiveness. International Conference on Academic Libraries 2009.

McCabe, Mark J., Nevo, Aviv, & Rubinfeld, Daniel L.(2006). The Pricing of Academic Journals. UC Berkeley: Berkeley Program in Law and Economics.

Dingley, Brenda. U. S. Periodical Prices – 2005.

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