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Letter From Dean Sandra Yee

Sandra Yee PictureDuring the 2009-10 academic year, the Wayne State University Library System will be evaluating its current serial subscriptions to determine how best to meet the teaching and research needs of the University given available resources. With the help of faculty, under the guidance of our library liaisons, we will assign priorities to our serials. This will help us determine the most appropriate titles to retain in order to ensure that our collection meets the needs of students, researchers and faculty, as well as aligns with our teaching and research goals at the university. Furthermore, the cancellation of lower priority titles may provide opportunities to purchase more essential resources for the Wayne State community. 

Our project has several goals:

  • To realign our serials collection with current University instructional and research needs based on available funding.
  • To encourage a collaborative and responsive process for University community stakeholders by involving faculty, students and staff in the serials prioritization process.
  • To provide assessment outputs in terms of collection goals and strengths.
  • To encourage faculty input guided by decisions by information professionals.
  • To develop a serials review model that can be routinely integrated.

We appreciate your support of this project and look forward to your feedback throughout the process.

Sandra Yee, Dean
University Library System

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